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  • Name and surname: Patricia de la Presa
  • Email:

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Department / Institute / Centre

  • Name: Universidad Complutense de Madrid / Institute of Applied Magnetism (MA)
  • Address: Vía de Servicio A-6, 900; Las Rozas; 28232 - MADRID
  • Province: Madrid

Research Area

  • Physics (PHY)

Brief description of the institution:

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) is a broad-scoped university -the largest in Spain- in which almost every field of knowledge is envisaged. Due to this broad-scoped nature UCM is able to offer 170 official degrees out of which 65 correspond to bachelor degrees and 105 to master degrees. Regarding research activities they are developed through its 21 faculties, 5 university schools, 9 associated centers, 40 university research institutes, 8 schools for professional specialization, 4 university hospitals, and 17 research assistance centers. All these centers host nowadays almost 600 research groups.

Brief description of the Centre/Research Group (including URL if applicable):

The group is a consolidated research team composed by 6 Permanent researchers, 2 postdocs and 6 PhD students and several undergraduate students.

The group presents a strong scientific activity and a high productivity in the field of magnetic materials and their applications from its creation in 1989. The team has participated in a large number of projects, both from the EU and national and regional government and has signed contracts with a considerable number of companies, more than 100, which is very remarkable. There are also about 40 patents.

In the last 7 years the group have been involved in 2 Horizon2020 projects, 3 National Projects, a COST Action RADIOMAG, in addition to 15 contracts with private companies.

The lab is fully equipped with devices for synthesis and characterization of magnetic materials:

  • 1 SQUID magnetometer
  • 2 VSM magnetometers (with magnetoresistance, oven up to 1000 ºC and specific heat accesories)
  • 2 Cryostat for optic, transport and magnetotransport measurements
  • Fully equipped magneto-optics lab, with Kerr magnetometry and imaging, Faraday device and 2 electromagnets.
  • 1 Thin films deposition chamber with 4 e-beam evaporators for alloys and multilayers.
  • Several radiofrecuency devices.
  • 2 Thermogravimetric balances.
  • 1 Hyperhtermia equipment
  • Several ball mills of large energies range.
  • Access to the Complutense University facilities as XRD, HRTEM, etc.
  • Users of synchrotron radiation facilities.

Project description:

The main research lines of the Institute are:

  • Magnetism of nanostructures: Nanoparticles, thin films and multilayers
  • Amorphous magnetic materials (microwires and ribbons)
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Complex oxides with phase transitions (MOT transitions)
  • Electromagnetic fields: Health effects and screening
  • Permanent magnets without rare earths

Project: Magnetic Nanoparticle as High-Frequency Nanoheaters

The heating efficiency of magnetic nanoparticle (MNPs) is nowadays intensively investigated because the applications to magnetic cancer therapy. Recently, a proof of concept on the application to heterogeneous catalysis has been reported. These new concepts consist in taking advantage of the MNP heating efficiency to produce in-situ catalysis without external heating sources. This opens a new and wide range of possibilities in the area of MNPs heating efficiency since these new applications are not limited by biocompatibility of the materials or limitations on the frequency or amplitude of the applied field.

This project aims to develop functional catalytic matrices with MNPs inside that, under application of an electromagnetic field, reach in a short time the temperature to trigger a catalytic reaction. The benefits of these magnetocatalitic matrices will be explored for exothermic reactions, which may act to trigger the reaction, and for endothermic reactions to compensate the negative energy of the reaction. The optimation of the energetic cost will be investigated as a function of MNPs properties and electromagnetic field amplitude and frequency.


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  • The name of 3 potential referees to provide reference letters

Application deadline: 2018-07-15

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