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  • Name and surname: Jose Gaviria de la Puerta
  • Email:

University of Deusto

Department / Institute / Centre

  • Name: University of Deusto - Deusto Social Values Research Team and Industry Research Team
  • Address: Avda. de las Universidades 24, 48007 Bilbao
  • Province: Vizcaya

Research Area

  • Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
  • Information Science and Engineering (ENG)

Brief description of the institution:

The University of Deusto (UDEUSTO) is a dynamic institution committed to the promotion of research excellence, with the development of post-doctoral researchers at the core of its strategic plan. Founded in 1886, UDEUSTO is the oldest private university in Spain, a unique mix of tradition and innovation offering state of the art facilities nestled in campuses of historical and architectural interest (Bilbao, San Sebastian and Madrid).

UDEUSTO’s research embraces a 4 ‘I’s model: International, Interdisciplinary, Inter-sectoral and Social Impact oriented. Our strong research base of over 500 academics, 9 prestigious research centres, 19 Teams of Excellence, and 5 interdisciplinary platforms form a fertile research ecosystem where new ideas thrive, and offer the space and freedom to pursue new horizons, all supported by experienced professional services teams. UDEUSTO’s long trajectory leading and participating in EU funded project (FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020), has planted the institution firmly on the international research arena, attracting and retaining talent worldwide. With substantial external funding, which currently include an advanced ERC, a MSC COFUND Doctoral Project and a large number of international consortia projects, UDEUSTO’s research is leading the way. UDEUSTO sits on the top percentiles of national and international rankings and is a key innovator recognised in the newly launched EU Innovation Radar.

Brief description of the Centre/Research Group (including URL if applicable):

The hosting team is an interdisciplinary group integrated by research staff of the Deusto Social Values Team and of DEUSTOTECH. The Deusto Social Values Team has obtained on two consecutive occasions the recognition as team of excellence in the calls of the Department of Education of the Basque Government. The central theme of the team is the analysis of social values, which is focused on two main lines of research:

●Analysis of society and democracy through the study of political fact and

●Welfare and Social Policy, through of the study of social inclusion-exclusion processes and intervention systems.

One of the last projects funded by the aid to Projects of Basic and / or Applied Research for the period 2016-2018: "Analysis of the third digital gender gap of adolescents of the CAE". This focuses its interest on the third digital gender gap (the different machista mechanisms that exist after the different uses made by girls and boys of ICT) and which, will be able to nourish the present work of its results and findings.

From the technological point of view, DeustoTech performs applied research mainly in the domain of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), directing its research activity towards the fields of Internet knowledge, Computational Intelligence.

Both groups interact in the University of Deusto Interdisciplinary Research Platform Gender, which is composed by experts from different fields of study with the dual purpose to foster collaboration and to integrate existing expertise to address society´s emerging challenges around gender practices.

Project description:

Society is governed by technological instruments. The Information Society is based on the access to information and characterized by speed and instantaneity. Thus, the information society is categorically conditioned by electronic devices or ICT (information and communication technologies).

Undoubtedly, ICT has covered us with comforts, possibilities and technological advances. this technological, social and cultural development has also brought digital risks. In this way, traditionally known identities are transformed, while others remain, as is the case of the patriarchal system and male domination.

The construction of gender becomes one of the main focuses of attention and object of study of many authors. In this sense, previous research carried out within the Deusto Social Values Team finds out that, effectively, in digital media are reproducing violence and specific aggressions against those who break the patriarchal norm, as is the case of Sexual and/or Sexist Cyberbullying.

In the light of these problems, a system of moderation, categorization and automatic classification of comments is necessary to identify all those sexist and macho chambers. In this process, it will help teens to measure the impact that these activities have on the young people themselves.Deussto Social

We are looking for:

-an engineer with a background in machine learning and training in gender studies who can develop techniques for categorizing comments retrieved from digital sources or social networks that could contain toxic online social experiences.

-a researcher coming from the social sciences/humanities/education field with technological skills that can address interdisciplinarly this social problem that negatively impacts adolescents, particularly young women, their families, and society.


Your Expression of Interest should include:

  • One page proposal (template)
  • A complete and updated CV (maximum 2 pages, plus full list of publications)
  • A motivation letter

The University of Deusto has identified several topics suitable for the integration of excellent candidates. However, should you think that your research idea could fit into any of our University Research teams or centres, please contact contact IRPO (

​​​​​​​For more information, as well as the whole list of available positions, please visit:

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