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  • Name and surname: Encarnacion Hidalgo Tenorio
  • Email:


Department / Institute / Centre

  • Name: Department of English and German Philology - Universidad de Granada
  • Address: Filosofia y Letras, Edificio Anexo, Campus de Cartuja s/n 18071, Spain
  • Province: Granada

Research Area

  • Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
  • Information Science and Engineering (ENG)

Brief description of the institution:

The University of Granada (UGR), founded in 1531, is one of the largest and most important universities in Spain. It serves more than 60000 students per year, including many foreign students, as UGR is the leader host institution in the Erasmus program. UGR, featuring 3650 professors and more than 2000 auxiliary personnel, offers a total of 75 degrees through its 112 departments and 28 centers.

UGR is also a leading institution in research, located in the top 5/10 of Spanish universities by a variety of ranking criteria, such as national R&D projects, fellowships awarded, publications, or international funding. UGR is one of the few Spanish Universities listed in the Shanghai Top 500 ranking (, and it is also well recognized for its web presence (
Internationally, we bet decidedly by our participation in the calls of H2020, both at partner and coordination. For the duration of the Seventh Framework Programme, the UGR has obtained a total of 66 projects, with total funding of 17.97 million euros, and for H2020, until 2015, more than 25 projects with total funding of more than 6 million euros. Our more than 3,000 researchers are grouped into 365 research groups covering all scientific fields and disciplines.

Brief description of the Centre/Research Group (including URL if applicable):

We are a team of experts in various areas such as linguistics, political communication and artificial intelligence. We believe in transdisciplinarity, and share some common interests in research such as corpus-based discourse analysis, computational linguistics and authorship attribution.

Project description:

We aim to design a system for detecting, tracking, monitoring and studying the discourse of the Islamic State (IS) in the Internet. We understand that language is a powerful tool through which people convince those with whom they communicate to act in a certain way. Thanks to language we build our social identity, we can establish our relationship with people discursively, and represent and distort reality.

Following this line of argument, we will firstly observe how the IS, its information services and recruiters construe their perception of the world; how this multi-addresser interacts with a diverse audience, by taking advantage of the anonymity and immediacy the network promotes; and which strategies they use depending on the addressee. As a result of the classification of traits revealing the identities hidden behind the marks left by speakers in their language use, we will design a softare programme to explore its textual footprint on the Internet.

Given the cross-cutting nature of this project, we will combine several complementry approaches. Discourse analysis will draw on political science and communication science in the digital media to understand the phenomenon a comprehensive perspective, thereby conceptualising the network as an ideal site for the spread of values, mass propaganda and the individualised treatment of each user. In turn, it will employ corpus linguistics methodology. Finally, it will rely on the new developments in artificial intelligence with the aim to design the abovementioned software tool.


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