Expression of Interest

Contact Person/Scientist in Charge

  • Name and surname: Dr. Ruth Mateos de Cabo
  • Email:

Universidad CEU San Pablo

Department / Institute / Centre

  • Name: Universidad CEU San Pablo
  • Address: School of Business & Economics. C/ Julián Romea, 23 – 28003 Madrid
  • Province: Madrid

Research Area

  • Economic Sciences (ECO)

Brief description of the institution:

Universidad San Pablo CEU (USP-CEU) is a young university founded in Madrid in 1993. USP-CEU is committed to academic and professional excellence, aiming for the best quality in education, research and internationalization. Being a specialized University, USP-CEU structures its studies on three main fields of knowledge: Health and life sciences; Social sciences and humanities, and Architecture and Engineering.

USP-CEU facilities include 8 Research Centers, 43 Research Groups and 11 Core Research Facilities which sum an area of 3400 m2 devoted to research. Over the past 5 years, University:

• Has been granted 60 competitive research projects.

• Achieves collaborations with Industry meaning 54% of R&D funding.

• Participates in four H2020 projects, including two MSCA-IF grants and a MSCA-COFUND program. University leads five Erasmus + actions.

USP-CEU is looking for a highly motivated researcher to apply for MSCA-IF-2018 calls. The selected candidate will have the support of the Office of International Research Programs to prepare and submit the proposal. The involvement of the fellow in the proposal writing process will provide many opportunities to tailor the proposal to her / his research interests. If the MSCA-IF is granted, the position may start during the second quarter of 2019 until September 2020, and it will have a duration of 2 years.

Brief description of the Centre/Research Group (including URL if applicable):

The IP of the project, Ruth Mateos de Cabo, is an Associate Professor in the department of Business Economics at the School of Business & Economics of Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid (Spain).

She is head of the research line on Women Leadership, backed by USPCEU - Mutua Madrileña Chair. She is author of several peer-reviewed scholarly publications in leading journals such as: Journal of Business Ethics; Corporate Governance: An International Review; Economics Letters; Sex Roles, or Tourism Management. Her research has been featured in leading media outlets, including The Economist and BBC World News.

Her paper “Searching for Women on Boards: An Analysis from the Supply and Demand Perspective” was awarded the Best 2016 Paper published in CGIR by the Harold S. Geneen Institute of Corporate Governance at Bentley University (Boston, USA). Recently, she is PI of a Spanish National R&D&i Project on Women in Leadership, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Project description:

One of the challenges posed by Horizon 2020 is to support European inclusive societies. The persistence of a gender gap in corporate leadership positions is a major socio-economic challenge, as underutilization of the skills of highly qualified women’s constitutes an economic loss that not only suffocates the social development but also hurts EU economy.

Directorships on boards may be considered a labor market for skilled people, and, consequently, female underrepresentation on corporate leadership positions could be explained by theories that relate to the supply and demand sides of this labor market.

The present project aim is to address the gender gap on top corporate positions on the demand side, analyzing the main barriers and obstacles (glass ceiling) the growing number of highly skilled women face in their way up the corporate ladder. Additionally, it pursues to analyze the effectiveness of the specific instruments and actions carried out by Member States to promote the representation of women in leadership positions.

Previous experience of the research team allows an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to research objectives, which will help to make recommendations to improve gender equality in top corporate positions. Thus, specific objectives are:

- to identify bias in the hiring process and appointment of women directors, to study the restrictions on credit access for business women, and to analyze the influence of institutional mechanisms on the implementation of gender policies.

- analysis of the impact of the political pressure and/or regulation of the Member States on the number and influence of women on boards, to issue improvement recommendations and opportunities on future legislative actions at European level.


An expression of interest shall be sent to Ruth Mateos de Cabo (, before 10th of July 2018. Your file should contain the following elements:

• A short CV: Only CVs with considerable scientific achievements will be considered. Candidates should have an excellent track record of research; they should demonstrate the ability to grow into scientific/technological leadership roles.

• A two-page research proposal.

• A short statement explaining why USP-CEU would be the best host institution for your research.

• Two letters of reference

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